Solar Panel Online Prices

Solar Panel Online Prices

Getting good solar panel prices online

solar panel buyers guideThere are quite a few different products in the solar panels range that can give you hot water or electricity for your home. However, you may be looking to getting solar panel quotes online and want some quick guidance on solar energy products & prices.

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Solar thermal panels generate hot water and are mainly used to supplement your existing method of hot water generation. They work from sunlight & solar radiation and need to be facing southerly

Solar thermodynamic panels produce hot water also, however it is claimed that 1 thermodynamic panel is efficient enough to produce all the daily hot water for a family of 4 – this is because it takes heat from the surrounding atmosphere which heats up a fluid, the fluid is compressed which heats it further and then the heat is transferred to your home system – they work 24 hours a day as they do not need daylight or sunlight to function,

Solar Photo-voltaic panels (solar PV Panels) use solar radiation and sunlight to create electricity, this power is then fed directly into the home for immediate use – whilst you are not using the power it is fed into the national grid and you get paid an extra tariff for this export of power.